notim app: Manage Inventory Shopify App

Manage Inventory Using notim app And Raise Your Sales & Revenue

No matter if you are a small online store or a giant brand, it is quite common that your products may run out of stock, or your stock management system may not be in place.

To stand in the top row in this competitive market, the merchant needs to be ready with stock otherwise there is a risk that the customers will be reached into the hands of competitors.

To reduce the monotonous work of stock maintenance, the merchant can choose the notim app: Manage Inventory Shopify App. The app provides awesome features for Out Of Stock & Back In Stock products.

The app delivers information to store owners about which out-of-stock products are in customer demand. Also, it offers a feature to get notifications to store owners when a product goes out of stock. Also, the app offers a feature to send emails to customers when the product comes back in stock.

As an eCommerce store owner, seeing your products go out of stock is one of the greatest pleasures ever. It lets you know how well your product is doing and you also get to clear your inventory from time to time.

But products that are loved by most customers are the ones that help you generate the most sales and revenue. Hence, being on top of your game with these items is crucial.

Yes, the hype around your star products that are selling like hotcakes, will pique the interest of many. But if you can’t deliver, this hype will soon die and customers will find a better alternative. There are so many choices out there anyway!

So, while your shelves are getting cleared in no time and your store is doing well (for now), you also don’t want to disappoint your customers with a constant out of stock label on products they’ve been eagerly waiting to get their hands on. The inability to cater to this demand is going to massively affect your numbers, reputation, and credibility.

In this article, we will explore how effective inventory management can create opportunities to boost your sales and revenue. First, let’s understand the concepts of Out of Stock Notifications and Back in Stock Notifications.


These are alerts when some product goes out of stock and such notifications must be sent to store owners to know about the current scenario. Using the notim app: Manage Inventory Shopify App, store owners can manage their inventory. And using the notim app: Manage Inventory Shopify App, store owners can get email notifications or web push notifications reminders for out of stock products.

notim app - Out Of Stock Email Reminder


These are alerts when the out of stock product(s) come back in stock and they should be sent to customers so they can visit the website and purchase the product. Using the notim app: Manage Inventory Shopify App, store owners can manage their inventory, and using the notim app: Manage Inventory Shopify App, store owners can send back in stock email reminders to their customers who have subscribed for it.

notim app - Back In Stock Email Reminder


There are techniques that store owners can implement in their stores using the notim app: Manage Inventory Shopify App.

1. Why You Need an Inventory Tracker 

There’s no question about it, If you’re selling physical products online, you must stay on top of your inventory. If not, you run the risk of driving customers into the arms of your competitor. And that’s not a good look. That’s why you should have a good inventory management system. That will allow you (as a merchant) can get alerts of stock outs and that will send visitors notifications when your products come back in stock.

Alternatively, you can take the proactive approach with an inventory checker and tracking tools. These are helpful because stock outs are something you want to get control over as soon as possible. Otherwise, you could lose repeat customers. Here, the notim app: Manage Inventory Shopify App will help with the same. Using the notim app: Manage Inventory Shopify App, store owners will be able to manage the out of stock and back in stock products and notifications from the app. As the app will automatically send a reminder to the store owner for the out of stock products, as well as the app will allow the merchant to send a reminder for the back in stock products to customers. And, which will eventually increase the revenue of the store.

2. Use a Compelling Email Subject For Out of Stock, Back in Stock Notification Reminders

Currently, the person gets lots of emails in a day. And there may be a risk that the reminder email may be lost in between lots of emails.

And the out of stock email is one of the most important elements for store owners. And the same way back in stock email is the most important for the store owners as well as for the customers.

The merchant should create a reminder email with a catchy email title. To create a catchy email title or subject, you can try to be straight to the point. Avoid words or sentences like “Hey you might be interested in this email” which are ambiguous.

3. Receive Out of Stock Notifications on Multiple Email Addresses

Many of the businesses are run in partnership. Where multiple people are working in the same department like inventory management. Also, many of the big businesses are run with hierarchical structures where multiple people have the responsibility for the same department.

In such businesses, all the related people should be aware of inventory and that is a big challenge for any automated inventory system.

Another exciting feature of the notim app: Manage Inventory Shopify app is that store owners can send email notifications for out of stock products to multiple recipients.

4. Improve Cash Flow

Not only is good inventory management more cost-efficient; it improves cash flow in other ways, too. Remember: inventory is a product for which you’ve likely already paid with cash (checks and electronic transfers included), and you’re going to sell it for cash. But while it’s sitting in your warehouse, it’s not cash.

Therefore, it’s important to factor inventory into your cash flow management. Inventory directly affects sales (by dictating how much you can sell) and expenses (by dictating what you must buy). In short, better inventory management leads to better cash flow management. You should not have to go anywhere else cause notim app: Manage Inventory Shopify App is far capable of managing a huge number of products in your store to boost revenue and eventually increase Case Flow.

When you have a solid inventory system like the notim app: Manage Inventory Shopify App you’ll know exactly how much product you have in real-time. Based on sales, you can increase the number of products automatically. Money spent on inventory is money that is not spent on growth. Manage it wisely.

5. Store Owners Can Set Multiple Inventory Warning Levels

Businesses must adequately schedule ordering times and amounts to avoid running out of stock and losing potential sales or ending up with unused or spoiled inventory.

Ease your inventory management by setting inventory warning levels for each of your products/variants. Par levels are the minimum amount of product that must be on hand at all times.

The notim app: Manage Inventory Shopify App allows store owners to set multiple inventory warning levels for products/variants. And, when your inventory dips below these predetermined levels, then store owners will be get notified by the notim app: Manage Inventory Shopify app.

Inventory warning levels vary by product/variant and are based on how quickly the item sells but using notim app: Manage Inventory Shopify App helps to set different warning levels for individual products/variants.


Inventory Management is not an easy task. Too much inventory and you lack funds to invest in other areas of the business or risk out of stock; too little inventory and you lose potential sales, cause massive delays, and customer satisfaction levels plummet. Inventory control requires input and output from operations that line up with demand, promotions, and finances. You can bring in tons of sales, but without inventory control, your business’s profitability will take a hit and likely be unsustainable.

notim app: Manage Inventory Shopify App will help in Inventory management for simplifying all the warehousing activities of the store. With this technique, the store owners can now access and determine their stock and inventory with efficiency to smoothen all the business operations.