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Motivate Visitors To Buy The Products Using ToastiBar – Sales Popup Shopify App

The ToatiBar – Sales Popup Shopify app has automatic notifications that encourage a customer to take action. Some sales notifications provide details about an offer or promotion. However, the most powerful notifications display real-time data such as recent customer activity. By making this context visible, notifications create a more emotional response than traditional sales copy. And ultimately, it will motivate visitors to buy the products.

ToastiBar -Sales Popups offers many apps like Sales Notifications, Cart Notifications, Online Visitors Notifications, Recent Visitors Notifications, and Product Visitors Notifications.

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The Sales Notifications app displays a notification (popup) of recent sales when a customer will visit your website. By highlighting how popular your products are, these notifications (popups) show visitors that they can trust your website.

The sales notifications apps provide the extra context that helps us make better choices. When visitors are unsure about a decision, then they will rely on things like customer reviews, popularity, and other clues to make up their minds. Sales notifications add this kind of clue to the website so that visitors/customers are more comfortable making to buy things. And ultimately, it will motivate visitors to buy the products.

Social Notifications apps are the effect that group consensus and popularity have on our decisions to buy things. Seeing that other people have made certain activities like purchases, add to cart, etc helps visitors/customers for worth buying. It also inspires visitors/customers to trust the business or store that sells it. It’s not impossible with the skills, empathy, and a plan you’ll be able to find the prospects who need the products you have to offer.

The following techniques will help to motivate visitors to buy the products using the ToastiBar – Sales Popup Shopify app.

1) Create a Sense of Trust in Customers

Visitors will believe confirmation from third sources that aren’t biased. And that’s why, before making a buy, 92% of customers read reviews. Product reviews are 60% more trustworthy than manufacturer or store owner sales copies.

Adding recent sales popups to your site allows you to display verifiable site activity on any page without having to wait for customers to find product reviews. So, using ToastiBar’s Sales Notification app popup help to create a sense of trust between visitors and store owners. And ultimately, it will motivate visitors to buy the products.

The Sales Notification app is a massive influence in converting potential leads into customers. It is such a powerful tool to convince visitors to buy your product because it showcases the details of real buyers.

2) Assist Visitors in Making Decisions

Visitors can make better judgments after seeing a recent sales popup because they don’t have to go to a specific page on your site to see what others are purchasing.

A live sales notification can precisely help a consumer who needs to decide if they’re stuck on a product page and trying to decide whether to buy one product or another.

Instill a sense of urgency in your audience. The ToastiBar – Sales Popup Shopify app can also be used to encourage sales and other activities by displaying recent sales popups. Seeing a lot of activity for a product they’re interested in could be enough to convince &motivate the visitors to buy the products before it’s too late!

3) Drive Traffic to Your Website

Recent sales popups have the potential to enhance conversions. The social proof software we’ll be utilizing in this article can help you increase site conversions by up to 15% approx!

This is achievable because you can draw visitors’ attention to the things you want them to buy or the actions you want them to perform. A visitor comes to your website through social media or marketing efforts. Although the appealing taglines or graphics may have enticed him to the website, wise visitors/customers will not purchase on the spur of the moment.

However, with the recent sales popups, a company can demonstrate the brand’s appeal and how much consumers love its products! Gain their trust by demonstrating your dependability and security through previous customers’ experiences.

It’s simple to promote your best-selling products. The days of sending a newsletter with a list of your hot products and a request for the subscriber to visit your site are long gone. Instead, inform everyone about your best-selling items. Use the most recent sales notification popups to inform what’s hot on your website! There will be no more inconvenient emails that wind up in the trash!

Make an effort to guide the customer in making a decision. A potential customer is stuck on a product page, unsure whether or not to purchase the item. Meanwhile, a recent sales popup displays, informing him or her that another user has recently purchased that item. This popup will help them move from being perplexed to making a decision. They will be motivated to buy it for themselves as well. With a recent sales notification, consumers at the bottom of the sales funnel can be converted into paying clients!

4) Increase Conversions

Recent sales notifications, add-to-cart notifications, online visitors notifications, recent visitors notifications, and product visitors notifications are the best tools that can be used to motivate visitors to buy the products from the website and convert them into customers of the website.

All these notifications will act as social proof and help to build the trust of the customers towards the brand and the products. By displaying the same product’s popups on a product page, the merchant can help the customer who is not able to make the decision for buying. And by displaying the sales popups for other products, the merchant can promote other products also. And that will ultimately increase conversion and sales and revenue.

5) Improve Your Average Basket Value Through Cross-Selling

Cross-selling and up-selling are proven ways to build revenue by increasing your average basket value.

According to research, 35% of what people purchase on e-commerce sites comes from the platform’s product recommendations.

With sales notifications, you can create product recommendations for your website pages and also add them to your basket page.

The Toastibar – Sales Popup Shopify app’s awesome features are so much helpful to improve the conversion rate. One of the features is “Display same product on a product page“. When you enable it, the app will display the popups of the same product on the product page until the product is added to the cart. Once the product is added to the cart, the app will start to display the pop-ups of other products to promote other products and motivate visitors to buy the products.


ToastiBar – Sales Popup Shopify app has many powerful tools that can help you in increasing your conversion rate, reduce abandoned carts, and increase your average order value. Such tools will surely help to get the trust of visitors/customers and once get their trust of them they will surely visit on-site and ultimately help to boost revenue.

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Six Most Productive Ways To Use Social Media To Drive Sales

Social media is used by approximately 3.81 billion people on the planet. They can be found on one or more social media sites. It makes social media one of the most important platforms for marketing and advertising your products and services. With such a large user base, you will be able to attract a large number of potential customers, which will help you improve your brand’s e-commerce conversion rate.

Social media marketing, on the other hand, is not as easy as it seems. Posting pictures of the things you’re selling won’t get you very far. Some techniques and methods have been proven to function that you can implement to improve conversions. The majority of these strategies delve into how to attract, communicate with, and gain the confidence of your target audience.

Numerous studies have shown the ability of social media to drive sales. Facebook content consumption has risen by 57% in the last two years, according to HubSpot.

According to a Forbes survey, 25% of social media users follow brand accounts, which have an effect on their final buying decisions at retail and online stores. Social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have the potential to drive sales. You must develop a plan to effectively use social media to your advantage.

For that Buy Me – Sticky Buy Button Shopify app has a feature called Sticky Buy Me Widget using which you can share your products to any social media to drive sales. This app has many social media options which you can enable to share your post.

Social Media On Sticky Buy Me Widget

Check out these Six tips for maximizing the visibility of your social media to drive sales.

1. Get To Know Your Target Market And Future Buyers

Understanding the target audience and reaching them where they live is the first step in developing effective social media campaigns.

Knowing the audience and which channels they use is the first step in using social media to drive sales. It’s critical to understand which platforms your target audience uses and to concentrate your efforts on those platforms. Rather than wasting time and money on various accounts, concentrate on a few sites.

2. Encourage And Feature User Generated Content

Organic content produced by your customers and followers on their social media is known as user-generated content (UGC). This may be photographs of your product/service taken by them or content produced by them for competitions.

Reposting these photos/videos shows the authenticity of your brand. This is an effective way to use social media to drive sales.

According to Business Insider, customers that see user-generated content are 97% more likely to convert and purchase something than those who don’t.

3. Promote And Highlight User-Generated Content

Organic content produced by your customers and followers on their social media is known as user-generated content (UGC). This may be photographs of your product/service taken by them or content produced by them for competitions.

Reposting these photos/videos demonstrates the brand’s authenticity. Customers who see user-generated content are 97% more likely to convert and buy something than those who don’t, according to Business Insider.

As opposed to a professional photo taken by the business, people prefer user-generated content because they can easily connect to a customer like them.

UGC is an excellent way to explain social evidence, which is the psychological and social phenomenon through which people subconsciously imitate the behavior of others. It’s also a tried and true method of driving sales.

4. To Inform And Entice Your Clients, Use Interactive Posts

Remember to produce useful content that educates and inspires consumers rather than hard-selling your product.

Unlike traditional marketing methods, social media marketing is unique. Your fans expect new exciting material regularly.

People are more likely to use social media in their spare time, so they want to see posts that are fun rather than posts that are pushy and compel them to buy something.

Here are a few options for doing so:

  • Create engaging content that encourages people to comment, such as competitions.
  • Photo/video/GIFs that are animated or cute.
  • Post images or videos that are inspired by real-life events.
  • To make funny stuff, include jokes or puns.
  • Post content with recipes and how-to for using your stuff.
  • Share pictures of customers interacting with or using your items.

5. Switch On Mobile View

Do you have a mobile-friendly website? If you don’t already have one, get one as soon as possible. A large number of people now use their phones to access their social media accounts; in reality, more people use Facebook on their phones than on their computers. Any social media sales promotion can almost certainly be viewed on a tablet, and you don’t want to irritate your customers with a sluggish, non-mobile-friendly platform that makes purchasing products difficult. For that reason, the Buy Me – Sticky Buy Button Shopify app has options for both desktop and mobile, and store owners can promote their products on both platforms including the mobile view.

6. Use Of Analytical Tools

Without analytics, marketing efforts and plans will fall short. Analytics are important because they enable you to evaluate the results of your marketing campaigns and, as a result, prepare for the future of your company. When you use social media analytics, you will see how successful your tactics are and what else you can do to improve your e-commerce conversion rates. Buy Me – Sticky Buy Button Shopify app has a feature called Analytics, which allows you to see past sales from both desktop and mobile devices. You’ll be able to see how many of your customers shared your goods with their social media networks using the Social Media platform. It’s very helpful, and it’s a free referral that you’ll get without having to pay for advertising.


As you can see, social media is an excellent platform for promoting the brand and driving sales. You can increase revenue without investing a lot of money by using various social media channels.

Use these strategies, as well as the influence of social media, to drive sales.

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5 Tips For Celebrating Mother’s Day On E-Commerce Store

The Customer enjoys surprising his/her mother and grandmother in his/her life with gifts by celebrating Mother’s Day. This is the time of year when everyone is looking to celebrate Mother’s Day with some gift ideas, and there are a few things you can do as an e-commerce store owner to help your brand be seen as a gift choice.

According to the National Retail Federation’s latest survey, Approx 86% of online consumers celebrate Mother’s Day every year. But, even more importantly, on average 30% of them looked to stores/websites for Mother’s Day sales.


    • In the current state after the coronavirus, 78% of participants say that celebrating Mother’s Day is important to them this year.
    • The typical customer wants to spend $205 on gifts while celebrating Mother’s Day.
    • Electronics, housewares, gardening equipment, and books all saw substantial increases this year.

When it comes to seasonal sales, online retailers recognize that marketing is a war of expectations rather than goods. Standing out from the crowd, attracting new customers, entertaining current customers, and thanking loyal customers all take time and effort.

To take advantage of the holidays and increase revenue, you must include the following main components in your online promotional strategy: innovation, consumer segmentation, and marketing automation.  Let’s get this started!

Exemplify The Best Products On The Landing Page

Mother’s Day gift ideas According to the NRF, 55% of shoppers expected to treat their mothers to a special outing while celebrating Mother’s Day, spending an average of $36.41 per individual.

Designing special landing pages and banners in the Stores to drive the most possible traffic is another traditional yet successful promotion practice to celebrate Mother’s Day. Using them in your promotional activities on social media, newsletters, and other platforms would increase the number of people who visit your eCommerce shop. People like it when they don’t have to navigate too much in a store and can go straight to the items they want to purchase. As a result, personalizing the process by developing different mother’s day product categories or landing pages would help the process go more smoothly.

Many e-commerce platforms allow merchants to highlight unique items on their store’s homepage by adding featured goods. Featured goods enable retailers to draw attention to particular items in their stores and sell them more quickly. Here are a few hints on how to attract attention to your merchandise:

    • Put the best-sellers on the front page.
    • Showcase a diverse range of items.
    • Bring newcomers to your notice.
    • Any deals or exclusive offers should be shown.

Recover Abandoned Carts

You will improve revenue by retrieving discarded carts and following up with consumers by delivering several ad creatives at the right time. They could simply forget about it or leave the page in search of something similar.

A remarketing campaign, on the other hand, is the most successful method for having tourists who abandoned their carts return to your site. In other words, it aids you in grabbing the attention of potential customers by delivering the most important product details through Facebook or Instagram.

All must be faster checkout while celebrating Mother’s Day to reduce cart abandonment during high traffic. You can do this by using the Buy Me – Sticky Buy Button Shopify App, which has features like Sticky Buy Me Cart, which helps with faster checkout. Shoppers need not panic because this widget will appear across every page of the site.

Email Campaign

Email generates about $37 billion in retail sales per year, so able to receive timely updates from brands to keep updated on what’s new and what’s going on. As a note to your customers, emails regarding a celebration of Mother’s Day should be sent well in advance. Instead of being promotional, use storytelling to relay a message with empathy! Project an email campaign for celebrating Mother’s Day that involves more than three timely letters. You’ll be able to cover a mother’s day reminder note, your preferred season, and reach last-minute shoppers this way.

During this season, the most common emails are those with a “Mother’s Day gift guide,” and people shop from the emails that are sent on time.

Owing to the high demand for gifts around this period, a celebration of Mother’s Day attracts a lot of attention to shops. Email campaigns are an ideal way to reach out to your customers before and after this event.

Promote Big On Social Media

If you thought social media marketing was critical before, you should know that it is much more important now. In a previous year’s poll, more than 40% of respondents said that if they were at home, they would use social media more.

During this time, social media is your best friend. In the week leading up to Mother’s Day, increase interaction on social media by using a range of visual assets, such as static images and videos, as well as varying copies from nostalgic to cheerful captions.

For the Celebration of Mother’s Day, when consumers are searching for gift ideas almost exclusively online, e-commerce companies should leverage any assets they have to boost Mother’s Day exposure and sales on their social media pages. Now is the time to promote content that can help bring your e-commerce brand into the spotlight, whether it’s blog posts, product pages, coupons, deals, or online events. Fresh graphics, a change of color, or a new catchy headline may be used to repurpose social media posts and advertisements for Mother’s Day. A few slight tweaks to existing assets could be all that is needed to create a social media buzz around Mother’s Day purchases.

Establish A Mother’s Day Discount

Promotions assist you in increasing sales and attracting new users to your website. Everyone wants a good deal, and a coupon code that can be used to get a percentage of random discounts is a good way to get one. You have the option of applying the discount to the whole order, only to Mother’s Day gifts (label these with a Mother’s Day product ribbon), or to very unique products. Run the numbers on discounting ahead of time to ensure you’re getting more than you’re giving up. Your promotion can be promoted on your website, social media networks, and newsletter. The trick, as always, is to understand your goal, which may be to increase sales, promote new products, or raise brand awareness.

Promote Me | Many apps in one Shopify app is a great app that includes features like Wheel of Fortune for giving your customers a discount while celebrating Mother’s Day.

Wheel of Fortune: It will lend your website a well-known radiance. When customers visit your website, this Wheel of Fortune feature, combined with your fantastic discount, will undoubtedly pique their interest, resulting in a substantial increase in sales.

Wheel Wheel Of Fortune From Promote Me By MakeProSimp

Promote Free Shipping On Mother’s Day

A customer’s cart is often abandoned due to an extra shipping cost. As a result, 9 out of 10 customers say that free shipping is the most valid reason to shop online. And that’s not all: free shipping encourages 93% of online shoppers to make additional purchases.

Share free shipping promotions—it’s a great opportunity to provide products with extra value to your audience while celebrating Mother’s Day. You want to give those tourists an extra incentive to stay and shop because your website is likely to see a spike in visitors before Mother’s Day. If you can’t afford to provide free shipping for every order, make it an option for orders over a certain amount.

Promote Me | Many apps in one Shopify App is another fantastic app, with features like Advanced Shipping Bar for providing free shipping to your customers.

Advanced Shipping Bar: Customers will obtain their orders without having to pay for shipping, encouraging them to purchase more, while shop owners will see their profits gradually increase. A variety of free delivery systems are used by business professionals daily. Shipping charge details, such as the client city from which free delivery is possible, are available in the Advanced Shipping Bar.

Advanced Shipping Bar Promote Me By MakeProSimp

Celebrating Mother’s Day By Providing Gift Baskets

44% of shoppers are on the lookout for a one-of-a-kind or unusual gift. So why not make one kind of gift basket for each customer? Gift baskets are an excellent choice for shoppers who are stumped as to what to get their mother. In each basket, mix discounted and regular-priced pieces. This gives customers the impression that they are having more value for their money.

    • Gift baskets are not only convenient for consumers, but they also offer an excellent opportunity to up-sell and cross-sell.

Suggest gift baskets to any shopper in your store as an upsell. Putting items together in a gift basket can help your store’s average order value rise.

Place smaller gift baskets near the checkout area to cross-sell to customers who can quickly and affordably add them to their orders.


Mother’s Day is a significant commercial holiday, so start planning your promotions early and focus on both attracting new customers and keeping existing ones.

Build eye-catching gift guides and email visuals by redesigning your homepage with themed designs. There’s a lot you can do to draw customers to your store—all you have to do is determine what it will be.

Also, you can check out the Shopify Ship, Rate & Track for FedEx app offered by PluginHive, which offers FedEx Live Shipping Rates, Label Printing & Order Tracking. The app is available for free in the AMEA countries.

Above all, recognize this unique event as an opportunity to improve your online store. For any eCommerce company, the celebration of  Mother’s Day can be a great opportunity.

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4 Tactics To Escalate Sales By Implementing Advanced Shipping Bar

Consumers will pay attention to you if you have good and low prices. You may also be able to persuade them to add items to their shopping carts and place an order. However, if they learn that they must pay a large shipping fee on the checkout page, they are likely to abandon their shopping carts.

In a study of retail shoppers, a case study discovered that the most common reason for cart abandonment was high shipping costs. In the study, 58% of customers agreed. Many of these customers also expressed their dissatisfaction with having to re-enter shipping details.

Marketers confidently claim that offering free shipping is the best way to attract buyers.

There are several enticing statistics:

  • 9 out of 10 consumers were tempted to buy online when free shipping was offered.
  • Before adding goods to their online shopping carts, 65% of customers look up free-shipping thresholds.

Free shipping is a smart way to attract new customers and keep existing ones coming back. It can go a long way toward encouraging customers to stick with your business. And loyalty is the only way to keep customers. There is a Promote Me | Many apps in one Shopify app, which has features such as the Advanced Shipping Bar, which allows you to provide shipping-related information (including free shipping) to your customers.

The following tactics will show you how to escalate sales by offering Shipping related information (including free shipping).

1) Promote Free Shipping On Your Ecommerce Website With A Banner

Displaying your free shipping offer with a banner at the top of every page on your eCommerce website is a perfect way to draw attention to it. This helps bring it to the attention of all visitors, not just returning customers, because they are aware of it long before they reach the checkout page.

The message on the banner should be as simple as possible without requiring visitors to click on it to learn more. This feature is available in the Promote Me | Many apps in one Shopify app named Advanced Shipping Bar, which shows a banner on the page with the post.

Advanced Shipping Bar Promote Me By MakeProSimp

For example, if your free shipping offer is only valid for people who live in a specific country or who spend a certain amount of money, make sure it’s mentioned in the banner to prevent confusion and abandoned carts. This app also allows you to provide free shipping to customers depending on their location and or on spending a certain amount of money.

2) Reduce Cart Abandonment Ratio And Escalate Sales And Revenue

Free shipping is a common option among your customers. The chances are reduced that the customers would leave their cart if they discover free shipping. Customers will immediately take advantage of the offer, and ultimately the offer will help to escalate sales and revenue. This is so evident that you’ll not need to find any statistical evidence or survey results that explicitly support the argument. Researchers generally do not inquire as to whether customers would like to pay for anything or get the same thing for free.

3) You Have Complete Control Over Free Shipping Costs

Price competition is popular among online retailers who offer widely available or even commodity items, squeezing margins. In these types of cut-throat price competition conditions, merchants may feel powerless when a hapless rival slashes prices irrationally.

In reality, smart online retailers may take steps to reduce shipping costs dramatically. With this degree of control, controlling shipping costs might also help you reclaim your margin.

4) Increased Average Order Value Due to Free Shipping

Increased average order value would be the result of the free shipping-induced rise in eCommerce sales.

Some customers will add items to their carts when free shipping offers include a minimum purchase threshold, such as $100, $200, or $500.

According to a UPS report, on an average 52% of customers have attached products to their eCommerce shopping cart to qualify for free delivery.

Similarly, the previous Interactive case study found that when clients were given free delivery, their average order value increased by 7.32 %.


Offering free shipping is a perfect way to entice more consumers to shop at your store by removing a common obstacle to completing the checkout process and, as a result, it will help to escalate your sales and revenue. For this strategy to be successful, your target audience must first be aware that you offer free shipping.

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10 Mesmerizing Techniques To Boost Sales During Christmas

Christmas is effectively perhaps the best season. Be that as it may, it tends to be a test to catch customers’ consideration, given the number of occasions promotions they are besieged. In case you’re asking yourself how you will isolate yourself from the rest during the special seasons, this blog is for you. This season, fasten and produce more grounded associations with your crowd through intelligent encounters!

Christmas is now thumping on our entryways – along with a new chance for an online shop for promotion and an expansion in income. Christmas and individuals will run to retail and online stores in colossal numbers – all things considered, the festive time is tied in with shopping and gifting. As Christmas comes nearer, it’s about time online merchants begin arranging their holiday marketing and promotion to build deals and boost sales during Christmas.

At a time like these festivals. ordinary promotion strategies won’t be sufficient, so here’s an elite of 10 Christmas eCommerce thoughts that will support your deals and convey that holly-chipper Christmas feeling to your clients and boost sales during Christmas.

1) Christmas Styling

In the Christmas season, absolute eCommerce development is up to 19.7% (expanding $143.90 Billion) on average. Site traffic will increment fastly, so upgrading your website and adding a few basic augmentations will contribute incredibly to your prosperity.

To fascinate more clients towards your webpage and spread extraordinariness about your Christmas eCommerce thoughts by giving your site a Christmas look and feel. The stuff that can give your site a Christmas look is-

  • Add happy components to your logo (red caps, evergreens, snowflakes)
  • Decorate your header, footer, or sign-in page with components like snow, Christmas trees, snowmen, or Santa in the corner.

Here you can make it easy by using an amazing application like the Buy Me – Sticky Buy Button Shopify App. It will help to grab the attention of customers to your site. There is a feature like Sticky Buy Me Widget by using that you can put Santa which will be animated below the Buy Now button.

Sticky Buy Me Widget Christmas By MakeProSimp

There is also a fabulous application like ToastiBar – Sales Pop Shopify App which automatically displays recent Sales & Cart popups to boost your sales on your online store as social proof. By using this app you can decorate the popup by applying a design that gives the feeling of Christmas to the visitor.

By using the awesome features of such fabulous applications, you can easily boost sales during Christmas.

2) Special Offers And Discounts

Pre-occasion huge “last-minute” 90% off and so forth deals are an absolute necessity for each online store. This means clients will reserve the option to be meticulous.

A few companies consistently place limits on their merchandise at Christmas time, so this would be a fantastic open door for you to benefit from those items. Clients are bound to purchase stuff they don’t require because it has a value cut or gets one-get without one joined to it. They think they are increasing all the more yet, they are just going through cash they didn’t financially plan to spend.

There is another stunning app like Promote Me | Many apps in one Shopify App’s features like Wheel of Fortune for providing a discount to your customers.

Wheel of Fortune:  It will give your site a most adored brilliance sway. This Wheel of Fortune feature got together with your amazing discount will unquestionably be magnificent to call to the client’s action once they enter your site, which will extend your arrangements incredibly. And it will help the merchant to boost sales during Christmas.

Wheel Wheel Of Fortune From Promote Me By MakeProSimp

3) Optimize Your Ad Campaigns On Social Media

With regards to Christmas promotional thoughts, utilizing online media can be an extraordinarily preferred position for an online seller. Nonetheless, the key is to plan your social media marketing to remove the greatest incentive from your endeavors.

To do such, start by recognizing what social media channels get you the most extreme number of guests, and afterward plan your marketing endeavors around them. Your Christmas season social methodology ought to spin around the celebration and its soul of satisfaction and festivity.

Launch your Christmas festivities by refreshing the profile and covering photographs, flags, and each other visual part of your web-based media profiles. Your online media symbolism ought to feature the extraordinary arrangements, limits, and offers your fans can anticipate.

For sharing the products with loved ones through online media, a stunning application like the Buy Me – Sticky Buy Button  Shopify App can be utilized with the element Sticky Buy Me Widget. The application gives an immediate connection to sharing via online media and helps to boost sales during Christmas.

4) Decorate Online Store

On your website, add Christmas-themed visuals to get your crowd into the Christmas soul. Additional festival subtleties, for example, Christmas flags and symbols. You could even briefly invigorate your logo to look more Christmassy. You can also add some icons that will continuously flow into your website in the spirit of Christmas.

Using Social media, post photographs of your Christmas decoration at work, and show representatives getting into the Christmas soul. Consistently, send an uncommon Christmas message to your crowd. Presents don’t have to be limited time; positive messages that supplement your image’s way of thinking are sufficient.

To move the clients to the online store to visit the website in detail, an astounding application like the Buy Me – Sticky Buy Button Shopify App can be utilized with the element of Festival Attraction. The element will establish the climate of the celebration in your online store.

Festival Attractions Christmas By MakeProSimp

Also, you can change the default cursor with an attractive festive icon with an astounding application like the Buy Me – Sticky Buy Button Shopify App. You can change the icon by utilizing the Festival Attraction feature. There is a tiny icon that will follow the cursor which will really help to decorate your store at the Christmas festival. And the website’s festive environment will in inspire the customers to purchase more and the app will help you to boost sales during Christmas.

Cursor Christmas By MakeProSimp

5) Develop A Landing Page (Home Page)

Shopping from Online Stores frequently comes up short on the fluffy, festival inclination that originates from the knick-knack, lights, and air of a genuine online store at Christmas. You can help reproduce a portion of this experience online by utilizing bubbly flags, illustrations, and photography on your Christmas landing page.

Make the shopping experience simpler for your clients by giving a one-stop territory on your site where customers can get to all your Christmas-related items.

A festival home page additionally permits you to separate and feature your stock, while deals promotion can expand the normal order value.

6) Email Marketing

Email marketing is as yet one of the most well-known approaches to making mindfulness among your possibilities about energizing arrangements and limits. Sending a Christmas season promotion can assist you with expanding deals and benefits during Christmas.

Plan your email advertising schedule for the upcoming Christmas season early, a report proposes that individuals start their Christmas shopping from the main seven-day stretch of November itself.

Also, regardless of whether you need a creative mind to make the mission unique, there’s an elite of things that will at present make it great and practical:

  • Mobile-favorable messages
  • Original, interesting, and engaging subject title
  • Less content, more pictures
  • Direct connections to the shop

7) Offer A Great Shopping Experience

One of the main tips to boost sales on Christmas is to offer a faster checkout, smooth, responsive, and simple-to-utilize shopping experience.

During the time of Christmas Holiday customers, for the most part, are eager to get their hands on extraordinary deals and discounts, and if given a poor online store shopping experience then the customer will disappoint and they will not return to your online store. For that, apply a fantastic mechanism that does faster checkout so the customer feels the real spirit of Christmas and it will help you to boost sales during Christmas. Try not to tragically compromise on a smooth shopping experience during the Christmas season.

Ensure your online store loads up item pages rapidly. And display a quick button of add to cart rather than the user needing to go to an individual page, your site is all around streamlined for work areas and cell phones. And offers clear and compact data like product images and portrayals, and has no messed up connections or pages. On the off chance that customers can undoubtedly peruse and find out about the items, they will surely purchase them.

To make a cycle simple for procurement, an astonishing application like the Buy Me – Sticky Buy Button Shopify App will assist with catching the eye of clients to your site. There are two features like Sticky Buy Me Cart and Quick Buy Me Widget as below:

Sticky Buy Me Cart: Online clients are searching for a favorable, smooth, predictable cycle that saves them time and effort. To make this possible, checkout should be snappy and powerful for customers. For that, the Buy Me – Sticky Buy Button Shopify App’s element Sticky Buy Me Cart for quicker checkout can be utilized. The feature will help to reduce cart abandonment and it will help the merchant to boost sales during Christmas.

Sticky Buy Me Cart Christmas By MakeProSimp

Quick Buy Me Widget: Snappy approach to adding the item to the cart straightforwardly then the Quick Buy Me Widget can be utilized. This widget will be noticeable on the assortment page so the client doesn’t have to go to the product page to add the product to the cart, however for that simply click the widget and the item will be added to the cart. In such a way, the feature will help to improve the user experience and it will help the merchant to boost sales during Christmas.

Quick Buy Me Widget Christmas By MakeProSimp

8) Make Bundles Of Popular Products

Customers love to spend lavishly during the Christmas season and online vendors can utilize this for their potential benefit. At the point when you propose related things or items regarding a buy, it gives clients the intensity of decision, which they’re bound to use for purchasing more items.

In promotion, item packages are an approach to offering a bunch of products as one single bundle, which costs not exactly the cost to be paid if clients somehow managed to purchase every one of them independently.

Item packages additionally give an apparent impression of investment funds to individuals, which they’re profoundly looking for during the Christmas season. For online merchants, it’s not only one of the simplest advertising tips to expand Christmas deals; but however, an incredible method to sell item stock quickly, and it will help to boost sales during Christmas.

9) Make Sure Your Site Is Mobile-Friendly

Currently mobile online business has grown at a remarkable movement. Mobile phones and tablets are the greatest shopping drivers, particularly during the Christmas season. As per a report by Econsultancy, 62% of organizations with a mobile-first web composition see an expansion in quite a while over organizations with work areas just sites. Hence, to arrive at your maximum deal potential, your site should be mobile-friendly.

Your crusade ought to likewise rotate around all the mobile phones that individuals will use to get to your online store. This implies the versatile plan should be your highest need to guarantee your site is obvious just as open through any gadget.

On the off chance that you haven’t refreshed your site yet, it’s the perfect chance to make it mobile-friendly because it implies you care about the experience you give your clients. It additionally assists with having solid web facilitating so the site stacking time can be improved to encourage simple admittance to your online store.

During Christmas, an ever-increasing number of clients are shopping just from a cell phone. For that, a dazzling application like the Buy Me – Sticky Buy Button Shopify application gives the Desktop and Mobile view to cause it a more electro-fine receptive feel. So we are recommending keeping Mobile View empowered to catch the eye. And it will help to boost sales during Christmas.

10) Turn On Free Shipping

Many Customers doing Pre-Christmas presents shopping are done a minute ago when individuals are upset about how close Boxing Day is and how much cash they have just spent. All they need is to cause their buy, to get it shipped for nothing and at the earliest opportunity. Seeing the delivery charge will settle them questioning their decisions and by and large they leave your web store without a buy.

To persuade the client to make a very late buy, especially from your store, offer not just free delivery for all goods in stock yet additionally little yet charming Christmas presents or extra-brisk conveyance. What’s more, even though you’ll need to accommodate presents and conveyance ahead of time and this will be an additional difficulty, the outcome will without a doubt pay off.

There is a stunning app like Promote Me | Many apps in one Shopify App’s features like Advanced Shipping Bar will also be used for allowing free shipping.

Advanced Shipping Bar: Purchasers will get their solicitations moved without paying transportation costs, which urges them to buy more, while the vendors get their pay increased incredibly. There are a couple of kinds of free conveyance programs that business professionals regularly apply. Advanced Shipping Bar is for the additional transportation subtleties where the seller/vendor can add the customer city from where the conveyance is free. And such specific information will inspire the customers to purchase more and it will help to boost sales during Christmas.

Advanced Shipping Bar Promote Me Christmas MakeProSimp


This is an ideal opportunity to feel and spread the wizardry of Christmas in everybody’s life. Be merry and attempt to help up the lives of others through your work. And yet, you need to recall that you are an advertiser and work on the procedures that let you one stage higher than your rivals.

Also, you can check out the Shopify Multi-Carrier Shipping Label app offered by PluginHive, which automatically selects the cheapest shipping service for order fulfillment.

Also, you can check out Syncee ‑ Global Dropshipping, which is a global B2B dropshipping & wholesale platform designed to help retailers and suppliers connect. Millions of dropshipping products and suppliers from the US/CA/EU/UK/AU are waiting for you.

Hence, we have talked about a portion of the Christmas eCommerce thoughts that will help the eCommerce business to boost sales during Christmas.

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Unique Ways To Improve The User’s Shopping Experience

The term “User Experience” refers to all aspects of a customer’s engagement with an e-commerce shop. It’s worth noting that this involves experiences on a variety of platforms with varying screen sizes with navigation. It also takes into account how goods are attached to the cart, which helps to minimize cart abandonment and improve the user’s shopping experience.

You will also lose potential customers if you have a fantastic user interface on the desktop but not on mobile. According to Experience Dynamics’ research, 52% of users said a bad mobile experience made them less interested to interact with a brand.

A good user experience will also help you to improve order value, by encouraging consumers to find the goods they want faster, and discover new ones more easily. The shopping experience would be so enjoyable that customers would want to stay on your site longer and that raises the chances of buying more items for customers.

To make it easy, the Buy Me – Buy Button Shopify app has a feature like Quick Buy Me Widget will be available on the collection page, allowing customers to add products to their cart without having to go to the product page. The Quick Buy Me Widget will appear on the collection page for each product; simply click on it to add the item to your cart. After adding the product to the cart, you can use the Sticky Buy Me Cart feature from the Buy Me app, which will redirect you straight to checkout.

Buy Me App All Feature By MakeProSimp

The following advanced tactics will help to improve the user’s shopping experience. Let’s get started!

1) Make a Mobile Responsive Website

Globally, there are currently over 4.9 billion mobile internet users (i.e. 69% of the world’s population). Since more than half of the world’s population uses mobile devices, it’s important to make sure your eCommerce shop is mobile-friendly.

Another crucial thing to note is that if a site isn’t web-friendly, mobile users are 5 times more likely to abandon a mission. That should be enough to pique your interest in mobile optimization.

Your eCommerce user interface design should have a priority to become a mobile-friendly website because it will expand your consumer base and, therefore, increase your sales.

Buy Me – Buy Button Shopify app has options for both desktop and mobile, and store owners can use the Buy Me – Buy Button app on their website for both platforms to improve the user’s shopping experience.

2) Implement Simple And Faster Checkout Processes

When a customer discovers a product and wishes to purchase it, you must seal the deal as soon as possible. Streamline the method as much as possible to improve the user’s shopping experience.

According to research by Baymard, 27% of customers abandon the checkout process because it is too difficult.

Provide a safe atmosphere so that consumers do not have any doubts about your website. A high level of site security ensures a fantastic browsing experience.

After adding items to the cart, a faster checkout is needed to minimize cart abandonment. Buy Me – Buy Button Shopify app has a feature like Sticky Buy Me Cart, and using the feature users can go directly to the checkout page with just one click from any page. So, to improve the user’s shopping experience, introduce such an innovative feature to your store. And, as a result, store sales would increase.

Sticky Buy Me Cart

3) Focus On Easy Navigation To Improve The User’s Shopping Experience

If you have a complicated website design, clients would find it challenging to navigate. You could lose a lot of customers if your website is difficult to use. You must ensure that there are almost no unnecessary clicks when designing the layout. You may also have features such as automatic scrolling to keep the users interested. You should also pay attention to search technology since it is the most effective way of assisting consumers in locating relevant information.

The ability of the website’s design is critical to make direct customers. Your customers may likely be unsure about the products they want to purchase, so you should be able to give them alternatives. Make it simple for customers to discover their options, and you’ll see an increase in revenue.

4) Get On Social Media

It will be on social media, whether it is a criticism or a compliment. It’s one of the most effective ways to communicate with your clients, regardless of which channel they’re using. Customers will feel respected if you maintain an active presence across various channels. Get valuable reviews on your brand and fix any problems that are causing hiccups in the user’s experience.

Customers can connect via social media. According to Nielsen, 84% of people will buy a product based on a recommendation from a friend, and 71% will buy based on social media referrals.

Visitors will gain faith in your brand by using social media to clear up any questions they can have. And it will improve the user’s shopping experience at your store.


Above are the tricks to boost revenue and improve the user’s shopping experience with the use of the Buy Me – Buy Button Shopify app. They are popular brands that prioritize customer-centric design. They predict a customer’s needs, deliver specific outcomes, and devise ways to improve the user’s shopping experience to produce better ones.

It’s all about increasing the degree of commitment; remember While it is important to improve the user’s shopping experience, other factors such as functionality, speed, efficiency, visual aesthetics, simplicity, and usability are equally important.

ToastiBar - Sales Popup Shopify App

Fruitful 6 Tips To Improve The Conversion Rate Using ToastiBar App

According to a Nielsen survey, 84% of consumers trust recommendations from friends, relatives, peers, and any other form of social evidence.

Store owners should use every opportunity to display the social evidence that has accumulated over time, demonstrating the brand’s superiority. ToastiBar – Sales Popup is a Shopify app with a Cart Notification Pop-up that displays notifications when someone adds a product to their cart on the website. And it helps to improve the conversion rate.


Cart Notification is a helpful tool for ensuring a seamless shopping experience on your website. When a product is added to the cart from a product page or any other page, the message that the product has been added to the cart appears. This tool will improve the user’s experience on the site by assisting users in recognizing what has occurred and directing them on what to do next.

Cart Notifications assist the store owners in attracting the consumers back to the store by implementing in them a sense of urgency that action is needed. It helps to improve the conversion rate and the likelihood that the customer will complete the purchase, resulting in increased revenue for the shop.

The best way to improve your store’s conversion rate is to optimize it for conversions while also increasing the consistency of your traffic by using the tips below as better to help you.

1) Add Social Proof

According to recent studies, 92% of customers seek clues from others before making an online purchase. Despite these figures, only a small percentage of companies have a successful Social Proof plan in place.

Conformity is a type of social evidence. When unsure of how to behave, people often look to others for guidance. As a result, one of the most powerful ways for eCommerce websites to create trust is Social Proof which also helps to improve the conversion rate.

It is dynamic social evidence, which is a widely underappreciated technique for increasing conversion/add-to-cart rates.

You can send out prompted onsite messages that use real-time website traffic data to indicate how many other customers have purchased and added items to their cart. In a world where we’re all looking for the next big thing, it’s helpful to see which items are the most common among other shoppers. Finally, you want to make the buyer feel compelled to purchase if they believe the product is in high demand. And you can sell out quickly.

ToastiBar – Sales Popup is a Shopify app with a Cart Notification pop-up that displays notifications when someone adds a product to their cart on the website. If your website is new and isn’t receiving any sales or orders, the Cart Notification app will help you make it appear busy, which is yet another type of social proof.

2) Cart Notification Popups Will Increase The Trust Of Customer

Consider, visiting a new online store for the first time. You do not know the company, its product quality, or its dedication to customer satisfaction. Like most shoppers, you’d also check for feedback from previous customers to see if the company met your needs.

But how can you bridge the trust gap to instill faith in potential buyers when your eCommerce shop is brand new with no sales yet—and therefore no feedback or social evidence to leverage? Almost every new business owner is confronted with this dilemma.

ToastiBar – Sales Popup is a Shopify app that shows recent purchase activity and recently added-to-cart activity on your store through a real-time notification popup. It is based on the concept of social proof which helps to improve the conversion rate.

3) Popup Helps To Turn Visitors Into Customer

The primary aim of an eCommerce platform is to convert more tourists into paying customers.

Not every visitor to your site will become a paying customer. Some may have arrived on your page as a result of a random Google search and quickly left your site.

However, ToastiBar – Sales Popup is a Shopify app that allows you to display purchases, add-to-carts, and product visitors’ notification notifications on your store. So, when a visitor comes to your store and sees a notification on the screen, this popup assists those visitors in making a fast decision and helps to improve the conversion rate.

4) Improve Your Customer Engagement

According to Gallup research, doing business with fully engaged customers generates about 23% more revenue than dealing with average customers.

Customers who are engaged are high-spending customers who invest a lot of time with your brand and are easily kept. They also help to promote the business and draw new customers. As a result, it is critical to increasing customer interaction.

When you do business with truly committed customers, you’ll make about 23% more money than if you deal with average customers and so the result definitely improves the conversion rate.

To improve customer engagement, the ToastiBar – Sales Popup app will help the merchant by displaying the real-time data of the number of Online Visitors & the number of Recent Visitors to the website.

5) Increase The Frequency For Showing Store Activity

ToastiBar – Sales Popup is a Shopify app that displays purchase notifications in a popup. This app also displays the Cart Notification, which indicates that the customer has added a product to their cart and provides social evidence. As a result, it helps to increase the add-to-cart conversion rate by displaying more activity in the shop.

Also, the app displays the number of Online visitors & the number of Recent visitors’ which shows the Store activity with real-time data.

What makes order frequency so special is that the higher it is, the more sales your store can generate and the lower its acquisition costs will be. Repeat customers produce 3x to 7x more revenue per visit than first-time visitors, according to an Adobe survey.


Conversion rate is the first step in increasing sales by making the store look professional and trustworthy while increasing traffic. Start using our suggestions to boost your e-commerce conversion rate. Continue with those that are more experienced.

Increasing your store’s conversion rate isn’t simple, but by following the steps outlined above, you’ll be able to achieve your objectives.

Buy Me Shopify App

Essential Derma: Diving Into Data With The Buy Me – Buy Button

Today we sit down for a Q & A with the co-owner of Essential Derma. Catherine Wilson is the lady behind the brand and resident skincare enthusiast. Let’s get into her story and how using the Buy Me – Buy Button app has helped grow her business.

What motivated you to start the business?

I’ve always been the type of person just to work a ‘normal’ job, but one day I just thought to myself, “Let’s go for it”, and I started researching different business models that sounded amazing.

My first couple of business ventures had mixed results, but I eventually settled on a business I am very passionate about, and that’s skincare with Essential Derma.

What’s your business about, who are your customers, and what makes you different from others?

My business focuses on skincare, specifically micro-needling products and other beauty devices. I find beauty devices super interesting and love helping people get great skin results.

What sets Essential Derma apart is that we genuinely care about our customers.

Customers range from 18-24yr olds with acne scars to 60+-year-olds who want fewer wrinkles. The fun thing with skin is we all have it, so it’s a topic of interest for most people.

We love following up with our customers to ensure they’re getting results with our products. If their skin isn’t progressing, we work with them on changes that will help kick things along again.

Most businesses will sell a product, and then you’ll never hear from them again. We do our best to follow up with people as much as possible.

What were your challenges/problems before using MakeProSimp (Buy Me – Buy Button app)?

Our biggest challenge was ensuring our buy button was always visible on the product page. We’ve done split testing before and know that you need to make it easy for the customer to buy.

Even the simple task of having to scroll back to the top of the page to click “buy” can be enough friction for people to leave the site or procrastinate on it longer. This costs you money and is a significant problem that most e-tailers should focus on.

Why did you choose MakeProSimp (Buy Me – Buy Button app) as your solution?

We instantly fell in love with the button because of its look and the promoted easy ways to customize the colors etc. One thing we didn’t expect was how perfectly it was installed on our website with no developer needed.

It always sticks to the top of our product page, even when scrolling, and the button’s animation make it stand out. It makes you want to click it – We think it’s incredible!

Which MakeProSimp (Buy Me – Buy Button app) features and integrations do you use? Can you describe in detail how you are using them?

We focus on using the Sticky Buy Me Widget. This little widget was the solution we needed to start getting more clicks to the cart and a better overall buying experience.

This widget always sticks to the top of our product page and integrates well with other software we use.

One great thing about it is it integrates with JudgeMe reviews. We use this review system to show reviews on our website.

When combining both apps, we now get a great looking Buy Me button with its review star rating next to it.  This helps it to stand out and makes it more clickable!

Sticky Buy Me Widget

What are the results after using MakeProSimp (Buy Me – Buy Button app)?

The results of using this app have been excellent. We love that we can log in to the app and see our results.

This helps us to see if the button is working on not. Below are some of our products that get the most clicks because of the Buy Me – Buy Button app.

Top 10 Product Clicks

What do you think about the MakeProSimp (Buy Me – Buy Button app) support team?

The support team has been amazing and always responds to us within minutes.

We’re used to long email communication with most software companies, but MakeProSimp always seems to be online on their live chat and can solve problems immediately.

We wish other companies will offer the support at this fast speed!

What impressed you the most about MakeProSimp (Buy Me – Buy Button app) in general?

Initially, it was the fact we could just click “Install”, and it started working immediately.

Usually, when we install a Shopify app, it breaks the website a little bit. Then requires a developer to fix things.

The Buy Me – Buy Button app just worked for us straight out of the box.

Then as time went on, we were really happy with the analytics. We loved seeing specific statistics on how the app is performing.

Most Recent 10 Clicks

Sometimes it’s easy to install a shiny new app on your store but then forget to see if it’s actually working.

With proper reporting and integrations with Google Analytics, we can see the button working exactly how we wanted it to.

What do you expect more from MakeProSimp (Buy Me – Buy Button app)?

Right now, we’re super happy with the Buy Me – Buy Button app.

It’s hard for me to think of a way to improve the service, but if I put together a wish list, the one thing I would add to the service is even more in-depth analytics.

As you can probably guess by now, I’m a data nerd and love to see statistics on all aspects of the business.

The Buy Me – Buy Button app has excellent analytics, but I think it can be even better with time.

Overall, I’m thrilled with it; our business will be using it for many years. It will continue to be in our list of top 3 apps we’ve worked with on Shopify.

Promote Me Shopify App

Implement A Currency Converter And Use 5 Exclusive Tricks For Up-Selling

The planet is becoming increasingly smaller. Because of globalization, goods that were once only available to a small few can now be zipped all over the world at astonishing speeds.

As customers in developed countries embrace online shopping that’s why eCommerce is growing. Many companies implement a currency converter to expand their businesses outside local markets and attract new consumers across borders.

According to research, cross-border e-commerce revenues will hit $627 billion in the near future, up from $284 billion compared to previous years and accounting for 20% of overall e-commerce sales.

An increasing number of shoppers are willing to purchase from foreign retailers, but they still have reservations about pricing, delivery, and transparency. Global brands vying for consumers’ business deliver exclusive goods and seek to create partnerships that solve potential customers’ top concerns, so shop owners need to implement a currency converter to upsell products around the world.

Merchants are constantly looking for ways to create confidence among global audiences as international shopping becomes more commonplace. They can do so by providing complete translations of their pages and with implement a currency converter to enable customers to transact in their local currency, which is known and trusted in the area.

Owners of eCommerce stores want to expand their online businesses. They want to broaden their audience and raise sales in their store. They will have to make several tactical choices to maximize their store for their target customer who lives in various locations.

The most crucial of all of these choices is whether or not to include a feature in your Shopify store that enables customers to buy products in their native currencies. So, how will you perform this? For the solution, Promote Me | Many apps in one Shopify app is a well-known app with features such as Currency Converter. With implement a currency converter, the merchants can convert the currency and increase store sales.

Currency Converter Of Promote Me

Following these tips will allow you to get the most out of your trip without wasting time calculating local currency rates, by implementing a Currency Converter.

1) Avoid Unhappy Shoppers

When purchasing from a foreign company, customers seek transparency, particularly when purchasing from a new store for the first time. Seeing a sudden price change at checkout or learning that paying in their local currency would incur an additional charge will result in a steep drop-off at checkout.

The Currency Converter feature in the Promote Me | Many apps in one Shopify app allows merchants to not only view product pricing in the local currency but also increase customer loyalty by allowing them to transact and settle in their local currency.

2) Improve Conversion Rates

More customers = happier customers. You would see an increase in customers in global markets converting to your platform by implementing a currency converter if you provide your foreign customers with the localized experience they want.

3) Customize For Different Markets

Buyers from all over the world will make purchases in their currency. However, the product goes beyond that in terms of how localized the experience can be. To follow best practices in each country, you can configure how currencies are displayed.

It is the Promote Me | Many apps in one Shopify app that helps store owners to differentiate themselves from their competitors by incorporating this app into their store.

4) Reduce Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is reduced by implementing the currency converter feature. The Currency Converter features of the Promote Me | Many apps in one Shopify app enable store owners to add country-specific currencies to their store, giving consumers around the world the trust that they can transact in their currency. Customers would appreciate your simple pricing strategy, as well as the ease with which they can see the price in the currency of their choice.

5) Avoid Extra Charges, Ensure Customer Loyalty

By implementing a Currency Converter feature of Promote Me | Many apps in one Shopify app, the customers can stop being charged additional fees for currency conversion on their transactions statements. Customers are far less likely to want to buy from your platform again if they see these additional costs.


As a result of the above exclusive currency converter tricks, shop owners must enforce them on their stores. As a consequence, a function like Currency Converter would undoubtedly draw attention to the merchant. Customers do not need to be concerned about using this feature. As a result, merchants will often look for ways to maximize their earnings by implementing a currency converter.

Buy Me Shopify App

5 Ways To Increase Your Conversion Rate With Buy Me

Conversion rate is a function of your website usability, trust in your brand, relevancy of the incoming traffic, and a myriad of other factors. To ensure you are getting the most bang for your marketing buck, continuously optimizing your website for improved conversions is a no-brainer. However, you might often find yourself in an anomalous position when it comes to devising a step-by-step strategy that delivers worthwhile results.

According to survey of e-commerce marketers, 64% of them reported an e-commerce conversion rate between 3% and 5%. So, while the conversion rate of your store will undoubtedly vary based on your industry, price point, target demographics, etc., that 3-5% range can act as a benchmark for getting started in terms of better understanding and optimizing your online store.

Conversion rates are the lifeblood of any online marketing campaign. Whether you are an experienced digital marketer or new to the field, understanding, tracking, and increasing conversion rates all play a significant role in the success of your website.

To hit target sales, you need to draw in audiences—and then convert them. It all depends on your targeted area, the marketing platforms you use, and your relationship with your customers. Typically, 2-5% is considered an average conversion rate.

To help you get started, this blog shares 5 statistically proven tactics that you can implement using the Buy Me – Buy Button App. It will steadily help to increase the conversion rate and improve your top line.

1. Tweak And Test Your Ecommerce Checkout Process

The total number of people who have visited your website versus those who completed the purchase is a very important metric. Presumably, you’re no longer convincing the visitors that you have something they want. You’re only convincing them to proceed with the purchase.

If your store checkout process is too long, complicated, or unconventional, you may lose a lot of converted customers who are ready to buy.

This crucial step in the funnel is where a man needs a strategy should take place. For that, the Buy Me – Buy Button App has features called Sticky Buy Me Widget and Quick Buy Me Widget. When any customer clicks on the widget’s Add To Cart button, it will add the product to the cart and directly redirect to the checkout page. To implement this behavior just enable the feature from the Buy Me App. There are industry standards for the hosted online stores, but you may still need to tweak the process based on your customers to increase your conversion rate.

Buy Me App All Feature By MakeProSimp

The Sticky Buy Me Widget will be displayed on the product page and the Quick Buy Me Widget will be displayed on the collection page. And when the customers click on the widget (Add To Cart button), the product will be added to the cart and they will be redirected to the checkout page.

2. Optimize For Mobile Devices

In the near future, more than 10 percent of all retail sales around the globe are expected to be generated via mobile commerce — a growth of nearly 7% from the current rate.

If your e-commerce store does not provide a great mobile experience, you are missing out on a significant number of sales. But don’t worry about that because the Buy Me – Buy Button App will allow you to add quick tricks to the mobile view. For that, the store owner just needs to enable the required option and the customer will see those quick features on the mobile view of the website. And ultimately it will help to increase your conversion rate.

3. Show Sticky Add To Cart Button

The best advantage that every website owner needs in their website can be achieved by using a sticky add-to-cart button. After adding a Sticky Buy Me Widget (with an add-to-cart button) on the website, even after scrolling down the page, the sticky widget with the add-to-cart button will always be visible at the top of the page.

To add the sticky add-to-cart button on your website, you just need a Shopify app called Buy Me – Buy Button App. By installing the app and enabling the Sticky Buy Me Widget feature, you can easily add a sticky add-to-cart button on every product page of your website. And after that every time your customer does not need to go back scrolling the page up to access the add to cart button.

Sticky Buy Me Widget

Having such a feature on your website will help the merchant to display brief product details like name, price, image, variants, and quantity. While using such a feature, the customers don’t need to scroll up-down the page to view the product details, as they can see everything inside this sticky widget. This enhances the user experience and makes the product selection and add-to-cart process simple and easy for the customers.

Also, you can show the Sticky Add to Cart button on Home Page, Blog Page, or any custom page as per requirements. You can display the Sticky Add to Cart button on different pages except the product page using the Sticky URL Based ATC in the Buy Me app. The Sticky Add to Cart button allows customers to quickly add products to the cart and reach checkout faster with just one click on the button which helps in reducing the cart abandonment rate and helps to increase your conversion rate.

4. Make The Checkout Process Faster

The more complicated your e-commerce checkout process, the less likely users are to complete it and it will increase cart abandonment. The check-out process should be between three and five steps. The shorter process will be the better process. And to make it easy Shopify app called Buy Me – Buy Button will help for the same. It has many features like Sticky Buy Me Cart. Sticky Buy Me Cart will be visible on all the pages so as users will add the products it will reflect automatically in the Sticky Buy Me Cart. For the further process, just click on the Sticky Buy Me Cart widget and reach directly to the checkout page.

Sticky Buy Me Cart

With the help of features like Sticky Buy Me Cart and Quick Buy Me Widget of the Buy Me app, when users click on the icon, they will be redirected directly to the checkout page. So, if store owner tries shortening the process using such features, then they will defiantly get a proficient result in their sales and increase the conversion rate.

5. Grab Visitors’ Attention Quickly

One of the not-so-secret dreams of every e-commerce website owner is getting new customers, building a loyal customer base, and doubling sales. That’s why here in this part, we are going to cast light on the tested and tried techniques to get new customers for your e-commerce website.

There are many festivals celebrated locally and globally. So, the merchant should decorate the website according to festivals to grab the user’s attention and celebrate the festival online, and the online celebration will help to increase the conversion rate. The Buy Me – Buy Button App will help the merchant to decorate the website according to the festivals by Festival Attractions feature. For that, the merchant just needs to choose the widget and festival from the list and enable it and it will be automatically visible with the widget on the website.


The more visitors you convert, the higher the impact you drive on your top line from your existing traffic. The tactics mentioned above are a great way to start strategically improving your conversion rates. All of these tactics using the Buy Me-Buy Button App are likely to drive better results for your business than other ways. The important thing is to define your goals, gather data, and continuously run objective tests to find out what resonates with your target audience.