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5 Tips For Celebrating Mother’s Day On E-Commerce Store

The Customer enjoys surprising his/her mother and grandmother in his/her life with gifts by celebrating Mother’s Day. This is the time of year when everyone is looking to celebrate Mother’s Day with some gift ideas, and there are a few things you can do as an e-commerce store owner to help your brand be seen as a gift choice.

According to the National Retail Federation’s latest survey, Approximately 86% of online consumers are celebrating Mother’s Day every year. But, even more importantly, on average 34% of them looked to stores/websites for Mother’s Day sales.


    • In the current state, 84% of participants say that celebrating Mother’s Day is important to them this year.
    • The typical customer wants to spend $274 on gifts while celebrating Mother’s Day.
    • Clothing/accessories, electronics, housewares/gardening equipment, and books all saw substantial increases this year.

When it comes to seasonal sales, online retailers recognize that marketing is a war of expectations rather than goods. Standing out from the crowd, attracting new customers, entertaining current customers, and thanking loyal customers all take time and effort.

To take advantage of the holidays and increase revenue, you must include the following main components in your online promotional strategy: innovation, consumer segmentation, and marketing automation.  Let’s get this started!

1) Leveraging ToastiBar’s Dynamic Pop-up Features for E-commerce Success

The ToastiBar – Sales Popup Shopify App offers a comprehensive suite of features to enhance the Mother’s Day shopping experience on an e-commerce website. By displaying real-time notifications such as recent sales, cart activity, online visitors, and product popularity, the app creates a sense of urgency and social proof, motivating visitors to make purchases. These notifications not only foster trust but also encourage exploration and increase the likelihood of conversion by highlighting popular products, positive reviews, and low inventory levels. By leveraging these features effectively, e-commerce businesses can capitalize on the heightened shopping activity during Mother’s Day and drive sales by providing a dynamic and engaging shopping environment, celebrating Mother’s Day with their customers.

Furthermore, the app’s ability to showcase order summaries and cart summaries reinforces the credibility and popularity of the website, encouraging visitors to follow suit and make purchases. By providing notifications of added-to-cart products and highlighting low inventory levels, the app effectively taps into consumers’ sense of urgency and helps reduce cart abandonment rates. Ultimately, the ToastiBar – Sales Popup Shopify App serves as a powerful tool to boost sales during Mother’s Day on e-commerce websites by creating a seamless and engaging shopping experience that leverages social proof, urgency, and convenience to drive conversions and maximize revenue.

All Pop-ups ToastiBar MakeProSimp

2) Recover Abandoned Carts

You will improve revenue by retrieving discarded carts and following up with consumers by delivering several ad creatives at the right time. They could simply forget about it or leave the page in search of something similar.

A remarketing campaign, on the other hand, is the most successful method for having tourists who abandoned their carts return to your site. In other words, it aids you in grabbing the attention of potential customers by delivering the most important product details through Facebook or Instagram.

All must be faster checkout while celebrating Mother’s Day to reduce cart abandonment during high traffic. You can do this by using the Buy Me – Sticky Buy Button Shopify App, which has features like Sticky Buy Me Cart, which helps with faster checkout. Shoppers need not panic because this widget will appear across every page of the site.

3) Streamlining Inventory and Engaging Customers

Integrating the notim app: Manage Inventory Shopify App into an e-commerce website can significantly boost sales during Mother’s Day by streamlining inventory management and enhancing customer communication. The app’s real-time monitoring ensures that merchants are promptly alerted when inventory levels are low or products go out of stock, enabling them to restock popular Mother’s Day items promptly. This proactive approach minimizes missed sales opportunities and ensures that sought-after gifts are consistently available for customers, thereby maximizing revenue potential.

Moreover, the notim app: Manage Inventory Shopify App facilitates direct communication with customers by sending emails when previously out-of-stock items come back in stock. This engagement strategy keeps customers informed and encourages them to revisit the website to purchase desired products. By combining efficient inventory management with proactive customer engagement, the notim app: Manage Inventory Shopify App becomes a valuable asset for e-commerce websites looking to optimize sales and enhance the shopping experience during Mother’s Day and beyond.

4) Exemplify The Best Products On The Landing Page

Mother’s Day gift ideas According to the NRF, 60% of shoppers expected to treat their mothers to a special outing while celebrating Mother’s Day, spending an average of $274 per individual.

Designing special landing pages and banners in the Stores to drive the most possible traffic is another traditional yet successful promotion practice to celebrate Mother’s Day. Using them in your promotional activities on social media, newsletters, and other platforms would increase the number of people who visit your eCommerce shop. People like it when they don’t have to navigate too much in a store and can go straight to the items they want to purchase. As a result, personalizing the process by developing different Mother’s Day product categories or landing pages would help the process go more smoothly.

Many e-commerce platforms allow merchants to highlight unique items on their store’s homepage by adding featured goods. Featured goods enable retailers to draw attention to particular items in their stores and sell them more quickly. Here are a few hints on how to attract attention to your merchandise:

    • Put the best-sellers on the front page.
    • Showcase a diverse range of items.
    • Bring newcomers to your notice.
    • Any deals or exclusive offers should be shown.

Merchants can also create and provide exclusive discounts and complimentary shipping (free shipping) options in celebration of Mother’s Day. Further details are outlined below.

4.1) Establish A Mother’s Day Discount

Promotions assist you in increasing sales and attracting new users to your website. Everyone wants a good deal, and a coupon code that can be used to get a percentage of random discounts is a good way to get one. You have the option of applying the discount to the whole order, only to Mother’s Day gifts (label these with a Mother’s Day product ribbon), or to very unique products. Run the numbers on discounting ahead of time to ensure you’re getting more than you’re giving up. Your promotion can be promoted on your website, social media networks, and newsletter. The trick, as always, is to understand your goal, which may be to increase sales, promote new products, or raise brand awareness.

Promote Me | Many apps in one Shopify app is a great app that includes features like Wheel of Fortune for giving your customers a discount while celebrating Mother’s Day.

Wheel of Fortune: It will lend your website a well-known radiance. When customers visit your website, this Wheel of Fortune feature, combined with your fantastic discount, will undoubtedly pique their interest, resulting in a substantial increase in sales.

Wheel Wheel Of Fortune From Promote Me By MakeProSimp

4.2) Promote Free Shipping On Mother’s Day

A customer’s cart is often abandoned due to an extra shipping cost. As a result, 9 out of 10 customers say that free shipping is the most valid reason to shop online. And that’s not all: free shipping encourages 93% of online shoppers to make additional purchases.

Share free shipping promotions—it’s a great opportunity to provide products with extra value to your audience while celebrating Mother’s Day. You want to give those tourists an extra incentive to stay and shop because your website is likely to see a spike in visitors before Mother’s Day. If you can’t afford to provide free shipping for every order, make it an option for orders over a certain amount.

Promote Me | Many apps in one Shopify App is another fantastic app, with features like Advanced Shipping Bar for providing free shipping to your customers.

Advanced Shipping Bar: Customers will obtain their orders without having to pay for shipping, encouraging them to purchase more, while shop owners will see their profits gradually increase. A variety of free delivery systems are used by business professionals daily. Shipping charge details, such as the client city from which free delivery is possible, are available in the Advanced Shipping Bar.

Advanced Shipping Bar Promote Me By MakeProSimp

4.3) Email Campaign

Email generates about $37 billion in retail sales per year, so able to receive timely updates from brands to keep updated on what’s new and what’s going on. As a note to your customers, emails regarding a celebration of Mother’s Day should be sent well in advance. Instead of being promotional, use storytelling to relay a message with empathy! Project an email campaign for celebrating Mother’s Day that involves more than three timely letters. You’ll be able to cover a Mother’s Day reminder note, your preferred season, and reach last-minute shoppers this way.

During this season, the most common emails are those with a “Mother’s Day gift guide,” and people shop from the emails that are sent on time.

Owing to the high demand for gifts around this period, a celebration of Mother’s Day attracts a lot of attention to shops. Email campaigns are an ideal way to reach out to your customers before and after this event.

4.4) Promote Big On Social Media

If you thought social media marketing was critical before, you should know that it is much more important now. In a previous year’s poll, more than 62% of respondents said that if they were at home, they would use social media more.

During this time, social media is your best friend. In the week leading up to Mother’s Day, increase interaction on social media by using a range of visual assets, such as static images and videos, as well as varying copies from nostalgic to cheerful captions.

For the Celebration of Mother’s Day, when consumers are searching for gift ideas almost exclusively online, e-commerce companies should leverage any assets they have to boost Mother’s Day exposure and sales on their social media pages. Now is the time to promote content that can help bring your e-commerce brand into the spotlight, whether it’s blog posts, product pages, coupons, deals, or online events. Fresh graphics, a change of color, or a new catchy headline may be used to repurpose social media posts and advertisements for Mother’s Day. A few slight tweaks to existing assets could be all that is needed to create a social media buzz around Mother’s Day purchases.

5) Celebrating Mother’s Day By Providing Gift Baskets

44% of shoppers are on the lookout for a one-of-a-kind or unusual gift. So why not make one kind of gift basket for each customer? Gift baskets are an excellent choice for shoppers who are stumped as to what to get their mother. In each basket, mix discounted and regular-priced pieces. This gives customers the impression that they are having more value for their money.

    • Gift baskets are not only convenient for consumers, but they also offer an excellent opportunity to up-sell and cross-sell.

Suggest gift baskets to any shopper in your store as an upsell. Putting items together in a gift basket can help your store’s average order value rise.

Place smaller gift baskets near the checkout area to cross-sell to customers who can quickly and affordably add them to their orders.


Mother’s Day is a significant commercial holiday, so start planning your promotions early and focus on both attracting new customers and keeping existing ones.

Build eye-catching gift guides and email visuals by redesigning your homepage with themed designs. There’s a lot you can do to draw customers to your store—all you have to do is determine what it will be.

Also, you can check out the Shopify Ship, Rate & Track for FedEx app offered by PluginHive, which offers FedEx Live Shipping Rates, Label Printing & Order Tracking. The app is available for free in the AMEA countries.

Above all, recognize this unique event as an opportunity to improve your online store. For any eCommerce company, the celebration of  Mother’s Day can be a great opportunity.