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6 Amazing Tricks to Boost Sales In Halloween

The creepiness is directly around the corner with this current Halloween season 2020 and therefore the firm conviction of over 69% of advertisers state that the marketing needs to begin at this point!

The Halloween full Moon happens this year! We’ll see two full Moons this October 2020: the primary occurs on Thursday, October 1, and then the second occurs on Saturday, October 31. Halloween’s full Moon will be additional exceptional, since it will be the second of the month and, in this manner, a “Blue Moon”.

The upcoming uncommon and extraordinary Halloween full blue moon is an energizing one, as it’s the subsequent full moon in October, making it a blue moon and fills the month with a double impact of full moon vitality. It’s a Halloween full moon on a Saturday night, yet we’re in a pandemic and a Mercury retrograde period, so any potential lunar festivals are getting significantly down upon.

The fun and creepy week of Halloween is here, so it’s worth considering not just your appearance but for your site too. Halloween is the festival at which you terrify your companions, partners, and request deceives or treats.

According to the National Retail Federation, buyers spent $8.8 billion in Halloween 2019 and remember that that figure is barely lower than a year prior.

Halloween is a stunning time for retailers to get their client’s concentration and gain new clients with the creepy, bubbly online festival. A key part of nailing your Halloween crusade is to begin early.

Halloween time is an amazing opportunity to help boost deals on your site if you use it smartly. For that use, an amazing application like the Buy Me ‑ Sticky Buy Button Shopify App, utilizing this app will help you to get prepare your site for the occasion not only in terms of the atmosphere but improve the selling productivity too. This thing that can be possible for your site – by changing the color and design from the Buy Me ‑ Sticky Buy Button Shopify App, and make a creepy climate to give your site customers a pleasant encounter. You can proficiently combine a few tools, setting them in various positions, Decorate Elements of the Website.

This article will take you through a portion of the 6 amazing tricks to boost sales on Halloween that will assist you with boosting the deals of your online store.

1) Horrifying With Animated Creepy Ghost On Buy Button

Halloween time is a superb opportunity to thrust deals on your store so decorating your website, in the spirit of Halloween. For that, the Buy Me ‑ Sticky Buy Button Shopify App provides the 6 amazing tricks to boost sales on Halloween using the feature like the Sticky Buy Me Widget by changing the color of it that is available to every product detail page that makes it creepy and spooky so it attracts customers to see and purchase the product. You can choose a different color for Sticky Buy Me Widget but if you do not choose a color then the theme color will automatically take for Sticky Buy Me Widget. Generally during Halloween week choose the colors like Black, Orange, Red, White, Purple, Green colors of the Sticky Buy Me widget which makes your website perfect for Halloween week.

  • Black – Black implies strength, luxury, evil, death, and the unknown.
  • Orange – Warm, yet less forceful than red, orange is difficult to miss.
  • Red – the color is about blood hiding that moves fear with vampires.
  • White – the color is about the relationship between frightening specters, skeletons.
  • Purple – the color is about everything mystical and witchy.
  • Green – the color is about electro green assists with recollecting trolls.

2) Promote Store On Social Media

Halloween isn’t only the festival of the scarring and surprising, it’s one of the most mainstream and gainful occasions far and wide. The customers spent about $9 billion last year on Halloween – on the outfits and decorations to stunts and treats.

During Halloween week everything looks terrifying and fearsome. So carrying out festival campaigns on your online social pages is a decent method to direct people to your online store and increase more customers.

You can utilize social media to declare new items that you have for Halloween. This will build commitment and tempt clients to visit your online business store. For that use, 6 amazing tricks to boost sales in Halloween like host a Halloween contest on social media, give special discounts on purchases, and share it on social media, Include a packing feature in your online store to facilitate them, Time-Bound Offers, Countdown Offers.

3) Decorate Cart Using Pumpkin To Encourage Customers

Enhancements in online business have picked up a foothold in the most recent decade as clients have generally expected quicker, more productive methods of purchasing on the web. Offering a quicker checkout is the greatest way to go if you want to give a rapid and advanced experience for your customers.

While the greater part of the advantages is pointed toward making a superior customer experience, and there are numerous advantages for the web-based business retailer too, including better conversions.

During Halloween week store owners believes that how to reduce cart abandonment which helps them to boost their sales. For that, you can use the Buy Me ‑ Sticky Buy Button Shopify App will provide 6 amazing tricks to boost sales on Halloween using a feature like the Quick Buy Me Widget that will help to reduce cart abandonment. This widget will appear on every product on the collection page. Using this feature you can decorate the Cart icon with pumpkin which is so appropriate for Halloween.

4) Add Spooky Icons For Rapid Checkout

When customers are making a purchase, no one likes waiting in line at the store. That makes an extraordinary chance for retailers who need to be distinct from the opposition to use the innovative idea to more readily deal with top occasions and lower transaction times.

Halloween is a week when everything needs to be faster checkout to reduce cart abandonment. For that, you can use the Buy Me ‑ Sticky Buy Button Shopify App which provides 6 amazing tricks to boost sales in Halloween using a feature like Sticky Buy Me Cart that will help to faster checkout. This widget will appear on every page of the website so customers get not panic just click on the Cart icon then the customer will go directly to the Checkout page. You can make it more horrifying by adding spooky icons that uplift customers for faster checkout.

5) Create An Atmosphere Of Halloween Festival On Your Online Store

Halloween week is the most compensating time for the e-commerce store owners as far as expanding in online deals. Be that as it may, it ends up being troublesome as they have to work hard for changing over the guests into conversions. The time has shown up to be ready for Halloween, where site proprietors can benefit from focused clients who are ravenous for serious deals.

Today, many people express their love for celebrations by purchasing many products. Furthermore, for that, they consider online shopping the best and most straightforward choice. The Halloween season is the ideal time when online business stores can win clients and conversion simultaneously. They should simply need to decorate the store for Halloween creepily that is most appropriate to increase online business.

In that case, apply a thematic design for your website on Halloween. The Buy Me ‑ Sticky Buy Button Shopify App provides 6 amazing tricks to boost sales in Halloween using a feature like Festival Attraction where you can enable it to add some Halloween spooky icon that moves around on the website so it looks terrifying as an exact decoration on Halloween for your store.

6) Use Scary Props For Your Website

Let’s eliminate that boring white cursor and switch it into something more appropriate for Halloween in your store.

Halloween is a time when a lot of people like to get creative by making their costumes, decorating pumpkins, and even making spooky-looking food. So one idea for your online store to add such a spooky or petrifying icon that makes perfect for the Halloween season will be to encourage customers to purchase the products.

The Buy Me ‑ Sticky Buy Button Shopify App provides 6 amazing tricks to boost sales on Halloween using the feature to more decorate your e-commerce store by adding such spooky or petrifying icons with the mouse pointer when moving the pointer, Halloween icon following the mouse pointer, which looks so much creepy as on Halloween season.


Halloween is an extraordinary opportunity to have some good times expanding your site traffic. While others are lazing near and occupied with the occasion, you can take hold of this significant high traffic opportunity and accomplish some genuine work in boosting your site traffic. By following these 6 amazing tricks to boost sales in the Halloween time frame using the Buy Me ‑ Sticky Buy Button Shopify App, you will greatly build your site traffic and natural position on web indexes in a great manner.