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Boost Sales Using The Sales Notification Pop-up During COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the world, impacting nearly every life and industry. Although markets struggle to remain stable, governments strive to keep their people secure. Small companies all over the world have faced financial difficulties and have been forced to adjust to new ways of selling. There are many ways that store owners can strategize and make the best of their situation as we work through the pandemic and plan for its end.

There is the finest way to boost sales using the Sales Notification pop-up during COVID and grab the attention of customers directly to your store by showing sales activity on your store using Sales Notification | Sales Pop is a Shopify app.

Sales Notification | Sales Pop is a Shopify app that allows you to display a recent sales popup, or live sales notification, on your website. It’s a simple and effective way to persuade website visitors to stay longer. Recent sales popup employ social proof to demonstrate to your guests that other people just like them are not just visiting but also purchasing your items.

Sales Pop Up

As per Nielsen’s research, 92% of people trust indicated that individuals. Social proof marketing allows you to view all of your subscribers and consumers who have already voted in your favor by buying and subscribing to your newsletter.

In this article, we will show you how to add a recent sales popup to your site to boost sales using the Sales Notification Pop-up During COVID.

1) Build Trust

Sales Notification | Sales Pop is a Shopify app that is a valuable tool for growing sales. The app, which is built on the idea of social evidence, displays purchase activity on your store through a real-time notification popup.

Using a recent sales popup, you can show store activity on every page of your website without having to wait for customers to place orders. Sales Notification | Sales Pop is a Shopify app that shows a popup on your website automatically.

Social evidence will boost conversions by up to 35%. By showing information about Recent Purchases, Cart Notifications, Online Visitors notifications, and Recently Visitors Notifications on your store, you can build customer confidence, simplify purchasing decisions, add value to your brand, and see an increase in sales.

2) Assist Visitors in Making Decisions

Visitors will make better choices after seeing a recent sales popup because they don’t have to go to a particular page on your web to see what others are purchasing or doing.

A live sales update can be just the boost a shopper needs to decide if they’re stuck on a product page trying to decide whether to buy one product or another.

3) Instill a sense of urgency

Recent sales popup is another effective tool for generating sales and boosting sales using the sales notification pop-up during COVID and other actions.

There’s a lot of stuff going on, such as Cart Notifications, Online Visitors Notifications, and Recently Visitors Notifications. Sales Notification | Sales Pop is a Shopify app that displays recent sales for a product that a shopper is interested in, which could be enough to entice them to purchase before they miss out!

Also, you can use the Cart Reserved app, an app from the collection of apps in the Promote Me | Many apps in one app. It is used to letting people know how much time they have left to buy something before their items become unreserved. In this way, it will create an urgency for the customer. Also, it will reduce abandonment and increase conversions.

4) Create campaigns that are specific to your audience

Recent sales popup may be used to attract particular visitors or activities you want them to take on your web.

You can also use the recent sales popup to transfer stale items by developing a campaign that shows purchases for those products or by adding sales information for those products.

5) Increase Conversions

Conversions can increase as a result of a recent sales popup. This is possible because you can draw visitors’ attention to the items you want them to buy or the actions you want them to take.

Sales Notification | Sales Pop is a Shopify app, that has a feature called “View same product on the product page”, which you can use to increase sales. By using this option, a popup can show the same product on the same page forever, but no other product popup will appear. However, after adding to the cart, the product other purchased or another product popup will appear.

To increase the conversions, also you can use the Buy Me – Buy Button Shopify app. It has features like the Sticky Buy Me Widget, Sticky Buy Me cart, Quick Buy Me Widget, etc. The features will make the add-to-cart process faster and reduce cart abandonment and increase checkout speed and also increase conversions.

6) Showing Real-Time Traffic On Store

Online Visitors Notifications and Recently Visitors Notifications are two features of the Sales Notification | Sales Pop Shopify app.

Online Visitors Notification is a feature that shows the number of currently online visitors on the website as a popup on the store. It will give the store owner reputation.

Recently Visited Notification will display notifications from stores that have been visited in the last 48 hours, displaying real-time traffic.


E-Commerce is more challenging than it has ever been, and people’s attention spans are shorter than they have ever been. It’s difficult enough to get consistent traffic to your online store, let alone get those tourists to purchase your items.

Also, you can use the Notify Me Shopify app. The app will automatically send a notification email to merchants/store owners with the mention of email addresses of their choice when the merchant store’s published products go below the inventory warning level(Out of Stock). So, the app will reduce the task of managing the inventory of the website.

You can easily convey offers and capture customer interest by using pop-ups. You will quickly magnify your popup with social evidence and push more sales to your online store by employing the techniques outlined above.