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Increase Sales Using The Buy Me App During COVID


The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on eCommerce revenue that no one could have expected at the start of the year. The shift in customer buying behavior is causing these changes.

On the plus hand, eCommerce statistics such as cart abandonment rates are said to have decreased dramatically around the world. Cart abandonment happens when a visitor transfers items to their shopping cart but does not complete the transaction.

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the most common issues that online merchants face. Customers that do not complete the checkout phase waste trillions of dollars every year.

The average cart abandonment rate before the pandemic was 75.71%. Cart abandonment fell to 59.76% at the start of the lockdowns in March 2020, before gradually rising to 64.98%.

The cart abandonment rate is a key business indicator for retailers to monitor because it is connected to consumer conversion rates and sales. A high cart abandonment rate is an indication that your checkout process or experience is vulnerable to friction. Buy Me – Sticky Buy Button Shopify App has features that will help to reduce cart abandonment.

Buy Me App All Feature By MakeProSimp

Customers should never have to struggle with the checkout process. So the merchant can take the advantage of increasing the sales using the Buy Me – Sticky Buy Button Shopify app and can make the checkout process easy. You’ll be well on your way to promoting a more streamlined shopping experience on your platform if you concentrate on the following suggestions.

1. Be Open And Direct About All Costs

Customers are less likely to be caught off guard by an abrupt price rise if you report all expenses upfront, including any delivery costs, applicable taxes, and any other fees they might expect. The merchant can make transparency in pricing and increase sales using the Buy Me – Sticky Buy Button Shopify App.

2. Boost The User Experience At The Checkout

The merchant can reduce cart abandonment and increase checkout speed and increase sales using the Buy Me – Sticky Buy Button Shopify app with features like Sticky Buy Me Cart. Customers need not worry because this widget will appear on every page of the website. When the customer clicks on the Cart button, they will be taken directly to the Checkout tab.

3. View Product Thumbnails In The Checkout Process

Using thumbnails of items in the checkout phase will help consumers feel more confident about their current purchase.

Customers can see and feel the item they’re purchasing when they make a purchase in person, which they can’t do with an online purchase. Item thumbnails are particularly helpful for keeping these things in mind during the checkout phase.

4. Make It Easy To Move From Cart To Shop

Customers want to be able to quickly add things to their shopping carts and return to browsing the rest of their inventory. The more effort you put in front of your clients, the less likely they are to purchase the items in their shopping carts.

To make it easy Buy Me – Sticky Buy Button Shopify App has a feature like Quick Buy Me Widget will be available on the collection page so the customer does not get panic to add the product into the cart by going into the product page. Quick Buy Me Widget will be on the collection of products on every page just click on it then the product will be added to the cart. And after adding the Sticky Buy Me Cart feature will allow you to go directly to checkout and help the merchant to increase sales using the Buy Me app’s features.

Make it easy for your customers to add products to their carts and return to the checkout page when they’re ready to shop. To reduce the number of clicks and page views needed to complete a purchase, some retailers have made it possible for customers to checkout directly from the product page.

5. Allow Guests To Checkout In A Variety Of Ways

Although you can view the checkout process as a useful opportunity to gather data about your customers – and it can be – requiring customers to establish an account with your store can be a big deterrent to making a purchase.

According to Invesp data, one of the leading causes of shopping cart abandonment is the lack of a guest checkout choice. Approximately 14% of online shoppers said that being required to log in to complete a transaction was enough to make them leave the method – a more significant stumbling block than being asked for too many details or getting an excessively complicated checkout process.

6. Improve Page Load Times

The last thing you want is a customer who is unsure whether or not their order was completed successfully. A fast-loading page will fulfill your customers’ desire for a quick checkout process. Customers will be happier, and they will be more likely to purchase additional items from your website because they will not have to wait as long.


Although each consumer segment is unique, many shoppers share certain purchasing patterns and expectations. One thing is certain: shoppers who have a frustrating and time-consuming checkout experience are more likely to abandon their purchases. So the merchant can reduce cart abandonment and increase sales using the Buy Me App.

Online retailers must continue to emphasize stellar purchase experiences to turn shoppers into paying customers in today’s experience-driven environment.