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4 Tactics To Escalate Sales By Implementing Advanced Shipping Bar

Consumers will pay attention to you if you have good and low prices. You may also be able to persuade them to add items to their shopping carts and place an order. However, if they learn that they must pay a large shipping fee on the checkout page, they are likely to abandon their shopping carts.

In a study of retail shoppers, a case study discovered that the most common reason for cart abandonment was high shipping costs. In the study, 58% of customers agreed. Many of these customers also expressed their dissatisfaction with having to re-enter shipping details.

Marketers confidently claim that offering free shipping is the best way to attract buyers.

There are several enticing statistics:

  • 9 out of 10 consumers were tempted to buy online when free shipping was offered.
  • Before adding goods to their online shopping carts, 65% of customers look up free-shipping thresholds.

Free shipping is a smart way to attract new customers and keep existing ones coming back. It can go a long way toward encouraging customers to stick with your business. And loyalty is the only way to keep customers. There is a Promote Me | Many apps in one Shopify app, which has features such as the Advanced Shipping Bar, which allows you to provide shipping-related information (including free shipping) to your customers.

The following tactics will show you how to escalate sales by offering Shipping related information (including free shipping).

1) Promote Free Shipping On Your Ecommerce Website With A Banner

Displaying your free shipping offer with a banner at the top of every page on your eCommerce website is a perfect way to draw attention to it. This helps bring it to the attention of all visitors, not just returning customers, because they are aware of it long before they reach the checkout page.

The message on the banner should be as simple as possible without requiring visitors to click on it to learn more. This feature is available in the Promote Me | Many apps in one Shopify app named Advanced Shipping Bar, which shows a banner on the page with the post.

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For example, if your free shipping offer is only valid for people who live in a specific country or who spend a certain amount of money, make sure it’s mentioned in the banner to prevent confusion and abandoned carts. This app also allows you to provide free shipping to customers depending on their location and or on spending a certain amount of money.

2) Reduce Cart Abandonment Ratio And Escalate Sales And Revenue

Free shipping is a common option among your customers. The chances are reduced that the customers would leave their cart if they discover free shipping. Customers will immediately take advantage of the offer, and ultimately the offer will help to escalate sales and revenue. This is so evident that you’ll not need to find any statistical evidence or survey results that explicitly support the argument. Researchers generally do not inquire as to whether customers would like to pay for anything or get the same thing for free.

3) You Have Complete Control Over Free Shipping Costs

Price competition is popular among online retailers who offer widely available or even commodity items, squeezing margins. In these types of cut-throat price competition conditions, merchants may feel powerless when a hapless rival slashes prices irrationally.

In reality, smart online retailers may take steps to reduce shipping costs dramatically. With this degree of control, controlling shipping costs might also help you reclaim your margin.

4) Increased Average Order Value Due to Free Shipping

Increased average order value would be the result of the free shipping-induced rise in eCommerce sales.

Some customers will add items to their carts when free shipping offers include a minimum purchase threshold, such as $100, $200, or $500.

According to a UPS report, on an average 52% of customers have attached products to their eCommerce shopping cart to qualify for free delivery.

Similarly, the previous Interactive case study found that when clients were given free delivery, their average order value increased by 7.32 %.


Offering free shipping is a perfect way to entice more consumers to shop at your store by removing a common obstacle to completing the checkout process and, as a result, it will help to escalate your sales and revenue. For this strategy to be successful, your target audience must first be aware that you offer free shipping.

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Implement A Currency Converter And Use 5 Exclusive Tricks For Up-Selling

The planet is becoming increasingly smaller. Because of globalization, goods that were once only available to a small few can now be zipped all over the world at astonishing speeds.

As customers in developed countries embrace online shopping that’s why eCommerce is growing. Many companies implement a currency converter to expand their businesses outside local markets and attract new consumers across borders.

According to research, cross-border e-commerce revenues will hit $627 billion in the near future, up from $284 billion compared to previous years and accounting for 20% of overall e-commerce sales.

An increasing number of shoppers are willing to purchase from foreign retailers, but they still have reservations about pricing, delivery, and transparency. Global brands vying for consumers’ business deliver exclusive goods and seek to create partnerships that solve potential customers’ top concerns, so shop owners need to implement a currency converter to upsell products around the world.

Merchants are constantly looking for ways to create confidence among global audiences as international shopping becomes more commonplace. They can do so by providing complete translations of their pages and with implement a currency converter to enable customers to transact in their local currency, which is known and trusted in the area.

Owners of eCommerce stores want to expand their online businesses. They want to broaden their audience and raise sales in their store. They will have to make several tactical choices to maximize their store for their target customer who lives in various locations.

The most crucial of all of these choices is whether or not to include a feature in your Shopify store that enables customers to buy products in their native currencies. So, how will you perform this? For the solution, Promote Me | Many apps in one Shopify app is a well-known app with features such as Currency Converter. With implement a currency converter, the merchants can convert the currency and increase store sales.

Currency Converter Of Promote Me

Following these tips will allow you to get the most out of your trip without wasting time calculating local currency rates, by implementing a Currency Converter.

1) Avoid Unhappy Shoppers

When purchasing from a foreign company, customers seek transparency, particularly when purchasing from a new store for the first time. Seeing a sudden price change at checkout or learning that paying in their local currency would incur an additional charge will result in a steep drop-off at checkout.

The Currency Converter feature in the Promote Me | Many apps in one Shopify app allows merchants to not only view product pricing in the local currency but also increase customer loyalty by allowing them to transact and settle in their local currency.

2) Improve Conversion Rates

More customers = happier customers. You would see an increase in customers in global markets converting to your platform by implementing a currency converter if you provide your foreign customers with the localized experience they want.

3) Customize For Different Markets

Buyers from all over the world will make purchases in their currency. However, the product goes beyond that in terms of how localized the experience can be. To follow best practices in each country, you can configure how currencies are displayed.

It is the Promote Me | Many apps in one Shopify app that helps store owners to differentiate themselves from their competitors by incorporating this app into their store.

4) Reduce Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is reduced by implementing the currency converter feature. The Currency Converter features of the Promote Me | Many apps in one Shopify app enable store owners to add country-specific currencies to their store, giving consumers around the world the trust that they can transact in their currency. Customers would appreciate your simple pricing strategy, as well as the ease with which they can see the price in the currency of their choice.

5) Avoid Extra Charges, Ensure Customer Loyalty

By implementing a Currency Converter feature of Promote Me | Many apps in one Shopify app, the customers can stop being charged additional fees for currency conversion on their transactions statements. Customers are far less likely to want to buy from your platform again if they see these additional costs.


As a result of the above exclusive currency converter tricks, shop owners must enforce them on their stores. As a consequence, a function like Currency Converter would undoubtedly draw attention to the merchant. Customers do not need to be concerned about using this feature. As a result, merchants will often look for ways to maximize their earnings by implementing a currency converter.

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Use Of Discount Marketing To Encourage The Customers

The use of coupons and discounts to entice consumers is frowned upon. Brands with lower profit margins are concerned that sales will eat into their income even more, while others are concerned that consumers will become coupon-dependent and only buy when there is a sale.

When done correctly, discount marketing can be beneficial for your business. You must set objectives for your target markets and provide discounts that are beneficial to your company.

Promote Me | Many apps in one Shopify app is a fantastic app with features like Wheel of Fortune for discount marketing to encourage the customers to purchase more.

It’s not yet time to abandon coupons. Here are five reasons why discounts encourage consumers to spend more money with your business.

1) Coupons Create Spending Goals

Marketers are frequently worried that discount marketing reduces a company’s average ticket and profit margins. When done right, however, it can raise revenue by inspiring customers to spend more.

Customers are encouraged to meet certain levels to earn discounts through online shipping thresholds and in-store coupons or gifts.

If your company, for example, offers $10 off over $50 in goods or services, someone who was planning to spend $35 would push themselves to meet that goal. The consumer is paying $5 more than they would have otherwise, but they believe they are getting a better deal because they are getting a discount.

Promote Me | Many apps in one Shopify app have a Wheel of Fortune-like feature that will give your website a well-known radiance. Customers will certainly be piqued by this Wheel of Fortune feature, which, when combined with your fantastic discount, will result in significant discount marketing to encourage the customers to purchase more.

Wheel Wheel Of Fortune From Promote Me By MakeProSimp

2) People are happier when they get discounts

Offering a discount will make your customers happy and more likely to purchase your items, improving the overall customer experience.

According to one study, consumers who got a $10 voucher saw a 38% rise in oxytocin levels and were 11% happier than those who did not. They also showed lower stress and anxiety levels than their peers, with lower respiration rates, heart rates, and perspiration levels.

Happy customers are more likely to spend money. People are more likely to find your wares appealing when they are more comfortable inside your store or company.

They’re more likely to stay until they find anything they want and then splurge on more expensive treatment. They’re also more likely to have a favorable impression of your business. Customers will most likely make up for the reduction as they begin to spend freely, believing they are already saving, rather than pinching their pennies at the prospect of paying full price.

3) Packages that come as a collection Boost Customer Loyalty to Your Brand

The “buy one, get one” strategy is one of the most common discount marketing tactics, in which consumers can either get a discount on their second purchase or get it for free. This increases consumer satisfaction and stops them from going to your rivals to meet their needs.

Customers have more time to understand and become loyal to your brand during this era of increased use.

If you can’t bundle your goods or services but also want to inspire loyalty, consider giving your customers a discount the next time they visit your shop. Since they know deals are waiting for them, your audience will remember your brand.

4) Offer Free Shipping

In addition to coupons, Free Shipping is a valuable feature to help in discount marketing to encourage the customers. Free shipping removes one of the few remaining barriers to people fulfilling their orders. This is important because reluctance will exist even when a customer has previously done business with you and likes what you have to offer.

Free delivery, on the other hand, reduces the anxiety of having to pay for return shipping. You will facilitate more repeat purchases from your product-based company by eliminating all types of friction.

Promote Me | Many apps in one Shopify App, which includes features including Advanced Shipping Bar for offering free shipping to your customers. Customers will be able to receive their orders without having to pay for a delivery, which will encourage them to buy more, while shop owners will see their profits steadily rise. Company professionals use several free distribution services regularly. The Advanced Shipping Bar contains information about shipping charges, such as the client city from which free delivery is possible.

Advanced Shipping Bar Promote Me By MakeProSimp

5) Discount marketing should be promoted through the right method

Discount marketing works only if the clients are aware of it. As a result, you’ll need to incorporate tactics for putting your offers in front of your customers as part of your strategy.

Via your website, social media advertising, direct mailers, and on-hold messaging advertise discounts to attract consumers to your locations.

Then, in your store, advertise offers to draw customers who are already there. Use digital signs, menu boards, and overhead messaging to advertise the discounts. Also, use in-store Wi-Fi marketing to directly share offers with customers via their smartphones.


Discount can be a very efficient technique for increasing revenue and membership growth if done correctly with the above strategy and technology.