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Unique Ways To Improve The User’s Shopping Experience

The term “User Experience” refers to all aspects of a customer’s engagement with an e-commerce shop. It’s worth noting that this involves experiences on a variety of platforms with varying screen sizes with navigation. It also takes into account how goods are attached to the cart, which helps to minimize cart abandonment and improve the user’s shopping experience.

You will also lose potential customers if you have a fantastic user interface on the desktop but not on mobile. According to Experience Dynamics’ research, 52% of users said a bad mobile experience made them less interested to interact with a brand.

A good user experience will also help you to improve order value, by encouraging consumers to find the goods they want faster, and discover new ones more easily. The shopping experience would be so enjoyable that customers would want to stay on your site longer and that raises the chances of buying more items for customers.

To make it easy, the Buy Me – Buy Button Shopify app has a feature like Quick Buy Me Widget will be available on the collection page, allowing customers to add products to their cart without having to go to the product page. The Quick Buy Me Widget will appear on the collection page for each product; simply click on it to add the item to your cart. After adding the product to the cart, you can use the Sticky Buy Me Cart feature from the Buy Me app, which will redirect you straight to checkout.

Buy Me App All Feature By MakeProSimp

The following advanced tactics will help to improve the user’s shopping experience. Let’s get started!

1) Make a Mobile Responsive Website

Globally, there are currently over 4.9 billion mobile internet users (i.e. 69% of the world’s population). Since more than half of the world’s population uses mobile devices, it’s important to make sure your eCommerce shop is mobile-friendly.

Another crucial thing to note is that if a site isn’t web-friendly, mobile users are 5 times more likely to abandon a mission. That should be enough to pique your interest in mobile optimization.

Your eCommerce user interface design should have a priority to become a mobile-friendly website because it will expand your consumer base and, therefore, increase your sales.

Buy Me – Buy Button Shopify app has options for both desktop and mobile, and store owners can use the Buy Me – Buy Button app on their website for both platforms to improve the user’s shopping experience.

2) Implement Simple And Faster Checkout Processes

When a customer discovers a product and wishes to purchase it, you must seal the deal as soon as possible. Streamline the method as much as possible to improve the user’s shopping experience.

According to research by Baymard, 27% of customers abandon the checkout process because it is too difficult.

Provide a safe atmosphere so that consumers do not have any doubts about your website. A high level of site security ensures a fantastic browsing experience.

After adding items to the cart, a faster checkout is needed to minimize cart abandonment. Buy Me – Buy Button Shopify app has a feature like Sticky Buy Me Cart, and using the feature users can go directly to the checkout page with just one click from any page. So, to improve the user’s shopping experience, introduce such an innovative feature to your store. And, as a result, store sales would increase.

Sticky Buy Me Cart

3) Focus On Easy Navigation To Improve The User’s Shopping Experience

If you have a complicated website design, clients would find it challenging to navigate. You could lose a lot of customers if your website is difficult to use. You must ensure that there are almost no unnecessary clicks when designing the layout. You may also have features such as automatic scrolling to keep the users interested. You should also pay attention to search technology since it is the most effective way of assisting consumers in locating relevant information.

The ability of the website’s design is critical to make direct customers. Your customers may likely be unsure about the products they want to purchase, so you should be able to give them alternatives. Make it simple for customers to discover their options, and you’ll see an increase in revenue.

4) Get On Social Media

It will be on social media, whether it is a criticism or a compliment. It’s one of the most effective ways to communicate with your clients, regardless of which channel they’re using. Customers will feel respected if you maintain an active presence across various channels. Get valuable reviews on your brand and fix any problems that are causing hiccups in the user’s experience.

Customers can connect via social media. According to Nielsen, 84% of people will buy a product based on a recommendation from a friend, and 71% will buy based on social media referrals.

Visitors will gain faith in your brand by using social media to clear up any questions they can have. And it will improve the user’s shopping experience at your store.


Above are the tricks to boost revenue and improve the user’s shopping experience with the use of the Buy Me – Buy Button Shopify app. They are popular brands that prioritize customer-centric design. They predict a customer’s needs, deliver specific outcomes, and devise ways to improve the user’s shopping experience to produce better ones.

It’s all about increasing the degree of commitment; remember While it is important to improve the user’s shopping experience, other factors such as functionality, speed, efficiency, visual aesthetics, simplicity, and usability are equally important.